6 pics from Ohio

Tom Owens, my Uncle and the maker of our tshirts (Rocky Gorge Apparel), joined in on the roadtrip from Laurel Maryland to Milwaukee Wisconsin. It was nice of him to keep me company on the road since I was planning on doing this stretch solo, but I couldn’t help but feel for him (and myself) throughout this stretch. As we left Maryland and headed through Pennsylvania the heat was relentless. From my understanding it was “as hot as it had been in 25 years”. Temps were tipping over the 100 degree mark and the humidity was relentless. Twice in Pennsylvania I set up the booth and had nobody take pictures. This was a first. The heat made even a free photobooth seem miserable. As we got into Ohio we had a little more luck taking photos but not much.

Here’s six from our stint in Ohio. A few of these are pretty funny, The Pig is named Willy and was found tailgating at 2am as we pulled into our hotel. And the the gentleman from Cleveland was an aspiring model, he was very excited and took probably 12 photos even though the heat was causing the flash to fire randomly. The funny part is that although he was an aspiring model he was currently a trashman. So the heat and his occupation left a strange smell in Maggie.