#NodTourBus from The Land of Nod

Team Magbooth loves a good bus tour, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to work with The Land of Nod.  We’re having so much fun on the road, that we wanted to share the experience with you! Thank you to our new friends at The Land of Nod for writing this blog post and spreading the fun! 

The Land of Nod is a children’s furnishings and toy company offering design for kids and people that used to be kids. One of our favorite things about our job is engaging with our customers and store communities. We have six store locations currently, but we knew we wanted to get out there to reach more customers and help build brand awareness. (Basically make FUN!) We felt that a bus would be the perfect tool to make this happen!

Land of Nod Bus

We spotted Magbooth at another event in Chicago, and thought how perfect would it be to have a photo booth on the bus tour. Plus, it would help encourage people to share their experiences with the bus. Magbooth was the perfect solution to make an easy-to-use, custom booth for us that included our branding, and also helped us encourage social interactions of the tour. Plus they are pretty awesome to work with, too!


Our next stop is Wednesday, April 23, at Area 151 in Los Altos, CA. We will be partnering with Smitten Ice Cream to provide free ice cream, and The Makery will be crafting animal masks. Plus, of course, we will have giveaways and a MAGBOOTH photo booth!  We hope to see you there.

- The Land of Nod

Meet Your Event Worker – Arielle

As promised, we are back with another installment of “Meet Your Event Worker”. This time we will be focusing on one of our best employees in Louisville, KY – Arielle.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.45.48 AM

Arielle has been featured on the blog before, when she answered the age-old Magbooth question, “What Makes You Smile?” We figured we could delve in little further though. Adding moving pictures and audio never hurts, right?

I’ve traveled to Kentucky a few times now, and I always end up spending an afternoon with Arielle. She is beyond friendly and always seems to have a smile on her face. Also, she’s pretty darn talented in the Magbooth – she has taken some solid photos over the past couple of years.


When you have an awesome staff like we do, you get feedback like this often: “The attendant, Arielle, did an outstanding job and we truly enjoyed her being a part of our event.”

Basically all the qualities you’re looking for in an event worker. Stay tuned for more profiles on our awesome staff!


Magbooth Review: The NotWedding

Have you ever caught yourself all teary eyed in the middle of a stranger’s wedding? No, I am not talking about crashing a wedding – I am talking about one of the coolest bridal shows around town, The NotWedding!

Jonathan & Jenna from Amari Productions on Vimeo.

Unlike most bridal fairs that resemble that of a career fair, The NotWedding invites you in as a guest to a real, adorable, and unforgettable fake wedding. From a fully executed ceremony to a formal dinner and speeches, The NotWedding has it all covered.


While they call it a fake wedding, the emotions are entirely real.  They select one lucky couple to share a truly intimate renewal of vows in front of a room full of brides and grooms to-be. It allows engaged couples to see first hand what it takes to pull off a wedding and how to throw one hell of a party.

The NotWedding

With only the most top-notch vendors in attendance (including yours truly) the guests are able to see vendors in action. If you are in the New York area and are in the midst of planning your own wedding, we highly encourage you to join us at The Wythe Hotel on Thursday, April 10th. It will be the most incredible fake wedding you have ever been to – guaranteed!

See more photos and fun from The NotWedding here!

Photos by Candice Benjamin



Wedding Fails

This public service announcement is brought to you by Team Magbooth.  We understand that your wedding is one-of-a-kind. You’re special and your wedding should reflect that, but we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that this might not be the best way to make an entrance at your wedding. Just saying…

Cat Chats with Turkey

Meow-meow Magbooth blog readers!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Turkey and I work behind the scenes here at Magbooth to bring joy, smiles, order and organization to all the great photo booth professionals you interact with on a daily basis. If I may say so myself, I’m pretty much the glue that holds it all together. Not to brag or anything, but I’m the best cat around these parts.


I’m here to share the inaugural column I’ll be contributing to the blog: Cat Chats with Turkey! We’re all pretty excited around here since this will be the place I’ll feature my favorite fellow felines, rather than the emails I sometimes inundate my fellow Magbooth friends with. (Sorry, Peter. I know you get plenty of emails from your posse of pugs.)

On my mind lately is not only how to get more catnip and an unlimited data plan for my cell phone, but also an old favorite, “Kittens Inspired by Kittens”. This great video is the proper telling of the non-fiction classic Kittens by David Gibbon (get your own copy here.) A very enthusiastic young lady guides the viewer through the book and narrates what’s actually happening in the photos. Speaking as a former kitten, I can tell you she’s pretty much spot on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little chat we’ve had. If you have a cat video or feline fairytale to tell, feel free to share on our Facebook page – I might just feature it in the future.

Sending you lots of kitty cuddles,


Meet Your Event Worker – Jeremy

Here at Magbooth, we create stunning photo booths that produce high-quality images. We set high standards for our product, so it should be no surprise that we hold our staff to those same standards. With over fifty photo booths constantly going out to parties and events across the nation, it’s crucial that we have a solid team of event workers to pull it all off. Luckily for us, our staff is amazing.

In order to showcase these guys and gals better, we have started a new series of videos featuring our event worker staff. First up, Jeremy Cuevas – one of our best employees here in San Francisco. Jeremy has been working for Magbooth for over two years and has quickly become one our most trustworthy assets. In any given week, Jeremy will work multiple events all over the Bay Area. He is one of the many faces of our company and he certainly wears it well.


What’s great about Jeremy is that we hear nothing but solid praise from our clients that work with him. We take pride in the fact that our staff has the ability to make our clients feel comfortable and happy. It’s imperative that this be the case. Nobody wants a creep at their wedding, know what I mean?


Thanks to Jeremy and our entire event staff across the nation. Your hard-work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Stay tuned for additional videos from this series!

Wedding Trends from Debbie Whitelock, Wedding Coordinator at The Brown Hotel

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that I was super excited, honored, and intimidated when Magbooth reached out to me about writing a guest blog post.  Not only are they one of the most sought after wedding vendors in Louisville, but each member of their team has a kind and unique personality that makes their company and blog a great place to gain some exciting and honest feedback — speaking as a fan of both!

Trends are something we are constantly considering in the wedding world and there are a few I’ve been noticing a lot lately, especially since I’m planning my own wedding.

Wedding Trends for 2014:

First: Texture!

Who doesn’t love a super swanky linen or a cake that has amazing detail?  Texture is bigger than ever from tablescapes, dresses, paper goods, and even cuisine. It’s fun to mix and match textures – unlike colors they don’t have to blend.  Incorporating texture is an easy way to add drama to your event without adding much to the budget.  Dresses with texture tend to be very figure flattering- a must in my world!


Second: The Color Story.

I’m thrilled to say that color is making a comeback in a big way and not just one specific color.  I’m seeing lots of color combinations that provide for more depth of design, not just shades of one color or a single accent color, but rather a color story.  Of course it’s not for everyone, but having multiple accent colors creates a more unique look from your linens, florals, and even to your bridal party. It is not uncommon now to see bridesmaids wearing different styles of dresses – we’ve all got different body shapes anyway!  By considering a color story instead of one primary accent color, your bridesmaids could wear different yet complementary colors, which is visually interesting for your guests.  Plus your girls will be thankful as each of us look better in certain colors or shades!


To piggy-back off my last statement, “Considering Others” is my final “trend.”  Although it is rather broad, I’m seeing it more and more that we, as brides, are not trying to outshine one another.  With so many options (Pinterest, Lover.ly, The Knot, etc.) for unique ideas to personalize your wedding, we are seeing less competition amongst brides.  Brides and grooms are more interested in creating a memorable mark that reflects their relationship rather than trying to do exactly what they have seen before only “BETTER.”  The emphasis is on the guest experience whereas in years past it was more about the bride only.


Ultimately, there are many trends available for implementation within your wedding.  However, more important than any trend is the bride and groom’s ability to not only implement the trend, but also truly make it their own to ensure that their special day is just as unique as they are.

Best wishes to all my fellow brides out there!


Lang Thomas Photography

Lang Thomas Photography

Magbooth Favorites: The Chicago Illuminating Company

Magbooth Favorites: The Chicago Illuminating Company

The Chicago Illuminating Company is a bright beacon for brides and event planners alike.  Over the years, this Magbooth Favorites venue has continuously attracted those who crave complete creative control.  Soaring white walls create limitless lighting options, that can only be described as a lighting team’s dream, and an effortless transformation of this massive 10,000 sq. foot space into an intimate environment just for you… and up to 250 of your friends and family!

Magbooth Favorites: The Chicago Illuminating Company

The Chicago Illuminating Company

If this venue needed any additional perks, its South Loop location is surely one, allowing you convenient access to Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline for perfect Windy City photo opportunities.

19 E. 21 Street, Chicago, Il 60616   |   312.326.9500


Magbooth Favorites: The Chicago Illuminating Company

all photos courtesy of www.chicagoilluminatingcompany.com


Sometimes making an art strip that I’m really happy with has very little to do with the design and more so about the people involved. Because Michael Parker and I make so many art strips each month, it’s often the interactions with the clients that really solidify them in our memories as being enjoyable and something to be proud of.

I was proud of the strip I made up for Hanna and Melanie because I knew I had made my tiny contribution to their wedding.

Melanie sent their invite for me to work from — a colorful postcard that embodied their fun spirit.  I transferred their information (names, date, location), matched colors, and then tried to add a little something extra to tie everything together.  For Hanna and Melanie I ran with the postcard theme of their invites and save the dates, and implemented some color-matched postage stamps with a heart to romanticize it a bit. While it was a (fun)damentally easy design, it was their graciousness and kindness that really let me know I’d hit the nail on the head.

So thank you, Hanna and Melanie, for being such a nice couple and letting me run with a fun idea.  It was a pleasure working with you!