Things here at the Magbooth Headquarters have been quite hectic lately. Thanks to a lot of great people we funded our Kickstarter project, Etsy has been in our office filming (more to come) and Willy&Alex have been back on the West Coast for about a week.

Well, this is my love note to Alex “Bootz” Bartz and a shout out to tell her how much I miss her.  I’m still the newest addition to the company and for months Alex and I corresponded through email, video, and chat.  Needless to say, I was super nervous meeting her in person because I thought “What if she doesn’t like me?” and “What if she thinks I’m totally lame?”  Anticipation got the best of me but it turned out to be the best week ever here at Magbooth!  Months prior we had already established we both have an undeniable love for boots (which happens to be her nickname).  And Alex definitely had some pretty rad boots packed with her this trip.  I can’t wait to go to SanFran to check out her whole collection.  So in the spirit of awesome boots and Alex I found a few photos to post.

Photos from the wedding blog Ruffled.