Buttons by Magbooth

We here at Magnolia Photo Booth Co. are always trying out new things. I remember as a kid making buttons out of old magazine cutouts. With all the great pictures our MagBooths take it seems an obvious fit for some amazing button magic. Well the idea has popped up a few times over the years but not until Willy was at an event with a button maker a couple weeks ago did it become clear that we had to act. Above are some pics of the results and how easy it is to have a button setup at your event. We chose the 1 inch button maker since it nicely fits a face and it is the size most likely to be worn by someone. Think of your every day outfit, would you really rock a 3 inch button? Below is a video that shows how easy it is. Interested? Have to have one now? Contact your friendly neighborhood Team MagBooth member.