Caravan of Change

Back in 2011 we launched our first Kickstarter campaign, ‘A Portrait of America through the eyes of a photo booth.’ We had no idea where it would take us or if anyone would even sign up to fund our adventure. We were hopeful yet anxious about what would happen after clicking the ‘launch’ button.

By the end of the first day, December 2, 2011, we had already raised a couple hundred bucks spread out across a few generous backers. Of course there were those that we expected: someone’s mom, a rogue cousin and some other family member from a distant land who you have been pestering with emails to support you. The best part about Kickstarter is not the inherent pyramid of family and friends who give money but finding random people across the country and world who believe in you.

On that first day I noticed that our very first backer was someone by the name of Ayesha from Chattanooga. Not only did she give us some of her hard earned money but she also left us our first comment.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.38.01 PM

Ayesha’s kind words were delightful and helped us believe that our project was a good idea and that our goal was attainable.

Time went by and Ayesha and I started communicating via email about possibly working together. Ayesha has a small wedding and event company called Homespun Events with a great location in downtown Chattanooga which she runs with her friend Kelly. I eventually ended up heading down to Chattanooga with a Magbooth for a bridal show that Ayesha was hosting.

Ayesha and Kelly:04.10 pm

Chattanooga is an adorable town with loads of history on every corner and very pleasant people. Upon arrival I finally met Ayesha in person and she was even more enjoyable than she had been in her emails and on the phone. To my surprise she had a room booked for us on the Delta Queen riverboat.

We had a very successful bridal show and met a lot of vendors and brides from the region. Afterwards we were able to hang out and get to know Ayesha, Kelly and Ayesha’s husband Zachary even better. I remember learning about Zach’s Green Pallet Chair and Ayesha’s dream of cruising around the country in an Airstream trailer. 

It’s now two years later and Ayesha and Zachary have launched their own Kickstarter campaign and it involves them cruising around the US in an Airstream. 

The Caravan of Change is a road trip documentary about showing people that little changes can have a profound effect on their lives. 

Overall, getting out there and meeting new people is awesome. I was lucky enough to meet Ayesha and her crew and now they want to head into the unknown and meet more people. 

Cheers to the open road and making new friends.