Cultural Differences

When I first started my dream job here at Magnolia Photo Booth Co. people couldn’t quite understand. When the common “so…what do you do” question came up, I would tell them proudly, “I’m the manager of a photo booth company.” In return I would get weird head nods and awkward replies like “just photo booths huh?”. I knew immediately that they pictured me sitting on a stool at a mall kiosk opening the curtain for a group of tweens looking for a good laugh. As much as I tried to explain our companies artistic edge and involvement in city life it served little purpose. It isn’t until you have seen our booths in full swing, walked into our offices or seen us build a booth that you really get the idea of how one can have a full time job looking over and loving photo booths- just photo booths.

Last week I had the privileged to met my sister in Europe. Despite how difficult it is to separate myself from the world of weddings and events I made a vow to myself that for 8 days I would not think about photo booths. Two hours into my trip- I broke that promise.
Stepping off of the plane and into the streets of Berlin, I quickly realized why our company is founded by a German… they get it!

In Berlin, photo booths weren’t a thing of the past or some tacky mall kiosk. Rather, the streets are littered with booths. People lined up in the rain simply waiting their turn on the small swivel stool and bight flash. My sister and I were no different. The weirdest part about it though was that while I was waiting in line, I didn’t think about the promise I had made to myself. Rather, my sister and I anxiously awaited our turn, pondering over which theme we were going to go with for our big photo shoot. Finally we decided on “lost tourists”. I think we nailed it.
After leaving Berlin and making our way to Paris we met a lot of amazing people and just as expected, they all asked, “so… what do you do?”. With the language barriers and for simplicities sack, I would answer, “I’m an event planner”. It was the closest thing I could think of that would make sense without the need of much explanation. I hated that response. It was a lie. I am a photo booth manager- an darn proud of it.People who are familiar with Magbooth always tell me, “you must have the best job in the world- nobody hates a photo booth”. Truth is, just like any other job, it comes with an overabundance of computer time, answering phone calls and dealing with the everyday stresses of making photo booth wishes come true. However, while in Berlin, thousands of miles away from any Magbooths, I found myself giddy in front of a photo booth and realized… you never really can get tired of photo booths!