Evan’s Maiden Magbooth Voyage

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to take a little work trip down to Austin, TX. After hearing we needed someone to work a wedding down there, my volunteering hand shot in the air like a kid yearning to answer the next Geography question. Although the trip was short, it produced quite a few interesting happenings.

My plane ride from Louisville to Memphis went well. I should’ve seen the foreshadowing of a rough trip, though, when on my plane to Austin, I had an entire can of Tomato juice spilled in my lap. I think I could’ve handled Coke, Sprite, heck – even orange juice, but there was something about sitting in a muggy bisque that really made me an unhappy camper when I exited the plane.

There were a few more bumps along the way – rental car mishaps, a last minute scavenge for a belt, and an unpaid tollbooth. No sweat off my back though. Unless you count the endless hours of sweat that eventually stained my favorite dress shirt. I also managed to work half of a beautiful wedding with dry-erase marker on my forehead. Faaaaaantastic stuff.

Saturday afternoon I attended Chris & Sangeeta’s wedding in Austin and it was one of the prettiest things I’ve ever been to. Everyone was very inviting and although the heat beat through ties and dress coats, smiles radiated from every direction. When the sun went down, elegant lighting stretched the length of the field in which the wedding and reception were set. Additional lights beamed onto family photos hanging on trees all around. It really had a feel of togetherness, family, unity. I don’t know if it’s a Texas thing or just signs of an awesome family – but it was an amazing feeling to be a part of something so special and to see how stoked their family members were to get in the booth! I was also VERY excited to find FULLY STOCKED tubs of Jarritos! If you all are reading this, thanks for giving me such an awesome impression of the Lone Star state!

I also wouldn’t have made it out of Texas alive if it weren’t for my friends that so graciously let me crash their pads for the weekend. Jake, Jenny, Sean, Pete, & Candace were FANTASTIC hosts that gave me as much of a taste of Austin as I could chew in 48 hours. I’m very thankful for buds like these.

Awesome, awesome, awesome people.

Awesome, awesome, awesome place.

Not-so-awesome 96 degree heat.

– Evan

Newlyweds Sangeeta & Chris

Newlyweds Sangeeta & Chris