Magbooth Hits Home

With the onslaught of wedding season, Heather and I have been trying to juggle email accounts full of book responses, lost passwords, photo edits, logo designs and the occasional taunting from Victor. The weekends as of late have also been very matrimonially mashed too, as we’re often able to work events on the weekends to make some extra cash. I’d become so used to discussing weddings that they’d started to blend into a broader category to which I applied the term, “event”. “Oh, John and Pam’s event went well,“ and, “The Jones/Smith event took over 500 photos!”

Matt & Kelsey Wright

Matt & Kelsey Wright

This past weekend I was a part of my friends Matt & Kelsey’s wedding. (Did you see that there? I used the word wedding.) The wedding was held in Indianapolis at a beautiful church and the reception following was held at a rad venue called the Rathskellar. Everyone had a blast! I’ve been to quite a few weddings because of our line of work (and I’m obviously a bit biased here) but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two happier people.

It was a surreal feeling to have all of my college roommates and friends within arms’ reach. People traveled from every side of Indiana, with awesome appearances made by pals from Chicagoland, the Carolinas, Florida and California. I feel like, having worked so many Magbooth events recently, I’d started to become a bit desensitized to the whole idea of weddings until I was able to truly connect with one. I saw two wonderful people come together and because of that, many others (who I may not have seen for years) were able to come together as well.

I managed to hop in the booth with the bride & groom.

I managed to sneak in the booth with the bride & groom.

I was very fortunate in that my ever-so-awesome bosses let me rent a photo booth for Matt & Kelsey’s wedding. It was definitely a huge hit and I’m proud to have been able to provide a means of holding onto the memories of their special day. Not too many people can say that about their jobs and I’m very thankful for being able to do the work I do, for the people with which I work, and the service that we provide. There’s a great feeling in being able to show others some of the work I do while helping out people that really deserve it. Magbooth hit home this weekend.




A big thank-you goes out to Team Magbooth for being so rad.

And another round of congratulations are definitely in order for Matt & Kelsey Wright.