Magbooth Mixtape

One of my favorite things about my co-workers is they all love music!  And you never know what will be spinning at the Magbooth Headquarters.  For example, at this very moment I am playing Nick Drake in the main area while Heather and Victor are in their office playing Whitney Houston.  Some days it’s Disney theme songs, classic Reba McEntire, Johnny Cash, Guided by Voices, M83 or Ratatat.  You really never know what will be playing up in here, but on a good day it’s a regular dance party, and we love visitors! Come by the office and hop in the photo booth, song requests are highly permissible.

Here is my mixtape, “photo booth” themed of course, to our beloved Magbooth followers:

1)  Death Cab for CutiePhotobooth
2)  Friendly FiresPhotobooth
3)  PhotoboothPretty Baby
4)  Ola PodridaPhoto Booth
5)  Carter TwinsPhotobooth

Photo courtesy of NPJ