The Experts

All the emails and phone calls everyday.

Alex Owens

Alex - proper noun "al-ecks"

Sr. Market Manager - SF & LA - tennis champion and she likes to hold Willy's hand (see below).

Dan Baldwin

Dan - proper noun "dan"

Sr. Market Manager - NYC & Seattle - tall and so much more.

Together these two have booked and managed photo booths for over 25,000 events nationwide. Knowledgeable and experienced, they are overflowing with helpful event tips and solutions.

The Coordinators

Details, details, details...

Laura Hufnagle

Laura - proper noun "lar-ah"

Market Manager - Louisville - wins gold star style points makes amazing baked goods.

Joe Wallace

Joe - proper noun "joe"

Event Coordinator - Chicago - great beard, great guy. Dabbles as a skillful wood worker occasionally.

Check in with the bride, check in with the venue, check in with the planner, check in with the attendant... now do it again and again and again. The proof is in the details.

The Creatives

Photoshop, Final cut and lots of bandwidth.

Evan Himelick

Evan - proper noun "eh-van"

Design Sorcerer - loves free stuff. Wins every best alter ego award as 'Kevin'.

Michael Parker

Michael - proper noun "my-kuhl"

Design Wizard - wishes he was playing his banjo. Giver of good hugs.

Michael & Evan are responsible for making your artwork strips, hosting your photos online, designing ads and producing your coffee table books.

Behind the Scenes

The only people doing any real work around here.

Jessica Kessinger

Jessica - proper noun "je-SICK-uh"

Business Manager - loves Turk.


Turkey - proper noun "tuuuuuurck"

Exhibitionist - loves Jessica.

They handle all contracts and payments, pay all the taxes, crunch all the numbers and make sure everyone is on top of their game. They are the glue that holds Magbooth together.

Special Ops

Flying around the world for custom events.

Willy Owens

Willy - proper noun "will-EE"

Road Warrior/tinkerer - can build anything and he likes to hold Alex's hand (see above).

Josh Ficklin

Josh - proper noun "hey dude"

Videographer - destroys evil with kindness every day.

Together they have worked over 2,000 events across the globe. They help clients find custom solutions for their photo boothing needs and can be whatever Gotham needs them to be.

The Originals

Co-founders and soccer players.

Peter Tower

Peter - proper noun "pee - tah"

Frontiersman - the boss in the office and on the dance floor.

Daniel Sanders

Daniel - proper noun "daa-knee-yil"

Reporting - data and excel whiz.

Peter keeps the Magbooth ship moving forward and helps Willy on custom installations across the universe. Daniel has watched every HBO show ever and can organize data for days.