P of A First Leg Photostrip Vid


You might be having a seizure.

This video contains approximately 2000 photostrips in a little over 2 minutes. These are some of the strips that were taken over the 60 day trip that lead Maggie from San Francisco to Maine and back.

All in all we visited 28 different states, met thousands of friendly faces, and ate 50+ hamburgers. We loved every minute of it.

Thanks again to everybody that helped along the way with a place to stay, by taking a photo, or tipping us a little cash for gas to the next spot. This is just a tiny glimpse of things to come. We are currently preparing for our southern leg of the roadtrip which will hopefully launch in mid September. More info to come soon.

Special thanks to our friends from Denver, Hindershot for letting us use the song “Rain Fare” for this little video.