Pleasure to meet ya!

Greetings, salutations and great to meet you all!

If I may introduce myself, my name is Armand and I’m the newest addition to the Magnolia Photo Booth Team.  *Tip of the hat and a courteous bow*.

So good to be here and lovely to make your acquaintance!  First and foremost, my role in the team is Assistant Manager at our San Francisco branch.  I have been with the team for only a week but the experience of learning about everything Magnolia Photo Booth Co. does so well and is able to achieve via quality prints has been quite the adventure!  Whether it’s meeting the talented (and charming) Magnolia Photo Booth Team or learning what makes the magic of a MagBooth tick, the experience is made all too rewarding seeing our Photo Booths in action entertaining our happy clients and being the highlight of the party. I was lucky enough to attend my first MagBooth event this weekend, and seeing the reactions on people’s faces as soon as their photo pops out made my night as much as I know it made theirs.

I knew the company was something I wanted to be a part of since I first stepped into our charismatic photo-decorated office and I’m glad to be a part of a team that helps make happy events last a lifetime via our classy looking prints.  And really, who doesn’t love the feel of a vintage photo booth?!

So again, glad to be here and look forward to meeting you all, whether in person or in photo!  From our office to you, I look forward hearing from you, blogging about the many happenings at Magnolia Photo Booth Co. throughout the year, and please don’t ever hesitate to contact me with any inquiries.

*A toast to the New Year.