Rocky Mountain Westy

Rocky Mountain Westy is one of the reasons that Maggie looks as good as she does on the road.  When Maggie rolled out of San Francisco she was looking pretty good.  The one thing she was lacking was in the bumper department.  When we finally pulled into Fort Collins, CO I new I’d have to swing by RMW to check out the shop and see if I could maybe pick up some old used bumpers that were better than the beat up ones Maggie was wearing.   After a quick introduction to Joe I was given a tour of the facility and saw how cool of an operation RMW was.   Not only do they make the best Vanagon accessories in the business, they design and build them all in house.   Made in America folks, from start to finish.   So now i had to figure out how i was going to talk these real people, these Americans, mechanics, welders, fabricators, and entrepreneurs into participating in the book.

I left that afternoon with no bumpers and no photos, but had made some friends.   The next morning I got a call from Joe telling me to swing back by if I had a chance to talk with the owner Mike.  So I hopped on the chance.   2 hours later Maggie and I left RMW with a new set of bumpers and pictures of the whole staff (minus one whom refused to have a photo taken : ).


Thanks again RMWesty!