why we do this

Something so simple as getting your picture taken is something that most of us, myself included, don’t even think twice about. But for some, it can mean so much more.

I recently worked an event at a medical respite center, where homeless men and women were given the chance to get in the Magbooth. The concept of a free machine that would not only take their photograph, but also print it out for them to keep was almost hard for some to believe.
There was one gentleman in particular who made a lasting impression on me. Initially, my attempts to lure him into the booth were failing and then somehow I convinced him to get in. He moaned and groaned, and reluctantly got in. The curtain closed and within the next minute a huge change had occurred- he was laughing and trying on all of the props! He could’nt get enough, and got back in the booth multiple times. Afterwards, he told me that he hadn’t had his picture taken in over 15 years. He planned on mailing the pictures to his family, who hadn’t seen any pictures of him in over 15 years.
The director of the center told me that she had never seen the men and women smile, laugh and enjoy themselves like that the entire time she had worked there. Something so simple as getting your picture taken in a photo booth can bring pure happiness to people from all backgrounds and in this case hopefully bring a family a bit closer together.

Emily Kissel
Team Magbooth